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Post-Lockdown: Technologies to beat Covid-19

Each one of us is excited about the Post-Lockdown scenario but at the same time worried about it too. We all want to get back to our normal lives but is it possible now?

Well, that’s not possible completely. Yet, a few technologies can help us get back to our “new-normal” lives while protecting us from the spread of Covid-19.

#1 Public Transport

With the post lockdown situation, it is understood that people will prefer private vehicles over public transport but still a few will opt for public transport due to their justified reasons. Adhering to social distancing is a major concern but technologies like ICT and 5G can help us take a sigh of relief.

With non-stop connectivity, 5G has enabled real-time Big Data analytics on mobile data. We can assess the density of people opting for public transport evenly throughout the day. This enables usage in a spread-out fashion and choosing less populated modes of public transport, routes with less congestion etc. E-ticketing can be regulated by restricting the number of tickets purchased thus supporting Social distancing. MaaS is the existing technology which can be tweaked and leveraged for public transport in the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

#2 Malls and Restaurants

Weekends are not the same anymore! The time when you enjoyed the large public gathering is not to come back any time soon. Now you may prefer going out in less crowded places with a selected few. But how can a place like a mall or a restaurant have less crowd? This is possible by using the existing technology: Smart Parking.

Visit a mall or a restaurant only if parking is available and this also ensures that a limited number of people are present so that you can practice social distancing. Smart Parking ensures reservation and prevents walk-ins. This could be integrated with table reservations i.e., it can help you book a table or a visit to the mall. Your travel is safe in your private vehicle and so is your shopping and dining (from unwanted crowds).

#3 Slot Booking

Retail Shops in malls, in nearby locality and the local shops, can be visited without hesitation by use of mobile applications which can book your visiting time and also set a barrier on the number of people visiting the shops. Many Entrepreneurs are taking initiatives and developing such applications.

The slot booking can also help to manage the number of staff present according to the density of people visiting at a particular time and can also help to spread the flow of customers throughout the day. In short, it will help the retailers in resource management in this economic situation and help the customers to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

#4 Pedestrians

What about visiting a nearby shop, going for exercise to the nearby park and bicycling to the nearest location? These are the doubts every pedestrian will have in their mind. Mask and gloves will protect you but there is a need for a system that will ensure social distancing.

AI solutions such as video analytics can detect the distance between two people crossing each other and can also detect the body temperature of people walking down the street. These systems placed on footpaths or public spaces can help in detecting if there was contact and also record the whereabouts of the infected person.

#5 Delivery Services

The price hike in fuels to push the economy is yet another setback for retailers, restaurants etc. who provide home delivery services. Lack of staff soon after the lockdown adds up to the problem. The solution is to leverage the use of robotics which can save on the fuel expenses and unavailability of staff.

Drones and robots can deliver into restricted areas and can ensure that every person's need is met. This can be a long term solution which ensures no-human contact delivery and a relief for the customer.

#6 Tolls

The toll booths at many places are now open after the lockdown and If you are planning to take your Private Vehicle to the office then a visit to the toll booth is sure. Toll booths are a hub of currency exchange and thus come amongst the potential ways for the virus to spread.

But how can the spread of the virus at toll booths be prevented? The solution is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). The vehicle has an automated radio transponder fitted when it passes through a toll booth which has a Reader device, a radio signal from the reader triggers the transponder and thus the vehicle’s road usage is registered and an electronic payment service provider makes the payment. Thus automated transactions can prevent the spread of the virus.

#7 No more Touch!

Elevators, coffee makers and buttons will often find you dreadful to touch them! And that is ok because an office is full of people coming from various locations which increase the risk of virus spread.

So instead of spraying a sanitizer on a device every now and then why not make it touch-free? There are many devices and assistants (Alexa) which can get your task done with just a simple voice instruction. You instruct to switch on the lights, make a coffee or even select the floor on the lift and it's done. A touch-free life that minimizes your fear.

#8 Hospital free

With the current situation where hospitals are not able to take in patients with illness of lesser severity and where visiting a hospital is a danger in itself the visit to a doctor for diagnosis of common illness like cold, headaches, body-pain etc. can be eliminated.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) wherein Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Science can help to understand the records of the patient and match it with its current health condition to diagnose and prescribe medicines. Also with 5G technology video interaction, 3D/4D imaging, Mixed Reality Glasses (MEG) etc. will allow remote examination of patients almost like a real-life experience. (click here to know more)

A rigorous scan through existing and latest technologies helped us to put forward these innovative methods for better survival through Covid-19. We are open to your suggestions through the comments below.

Stay safe!

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