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Redefining Infrastructure
Safety Assessment

with our video based data analytics platform.

Urban AI offers departments of transportation and engineering consultancies a suite of advanced  near-miss analytics to facilitate planning of sustainable and safer infrastructure.

How it works

How it Works

We collate data and information on a variety of different infrastructure platforms to provide you with the insight you need;

Our Process

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Working with you,
we will thoroughly understand your requirements and expectations

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Establish or utilize video recording equipment to gather the recordings we need

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Urban AI analyses these recordings, with outputs showing real life improvement on schemes and projects

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Reports and information will be readily available with any required aftercare from our experienced team


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Advanced video analytics deployed for producing reliable and accurate data which is easy to understand.

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Faster turnarounds

Machine learning based data collection and ready-made analysis saves project time over months

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Highly scalable

Fully adaptable to cover multiple parameters with bespoke requirements, providing unique input on safety improvements, cost and emission reductions

Traffic Analysis

 Road Safety with AI

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Better Vehicle & Pedestrian Safety 

Our platform provides all data related to near conflicts,

road user information, speeds, timings and vehicle and road user behaviours



reduction of conflicts

Improved Pre & Post Road Design

We can create heat maps to understand anticipated traffic and road user flows, both prior to and post construction 



improvement in traffic movement


Reduces costs & saves the planet

Our approach will avoid accidents and increase the efficiency of road user movement on busy highways, optimizing safety, reducing waste and public services operational costs 


approximate cost of a fatal casualty or accident

*Department of Transport estimate, UK

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Let's take the industry forward

Improve savings of your project, enhance safety and protection of the environment

Obtain valuable insight into everyday engineering and construction problems 

Consult with our team of field experts

The Urban AI Journey


Oct 2019

Won a National Hackathon in India

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Transport consultants
are loving it!

If you are creating traffic safety plans, you need it. Give it a shot!

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UK: +44 777 417 2545 

US: +1 (224) 209 4368

India: +91 991 669 5156



UK: London, Creative Works, 7 Blackhorse Ln, E17 6DS

US: 16192, Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware

India: 27th Main Rd, Phase 3, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore

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