The only video-based road safety audit platform

that helps transport planners win stakeholders’ trust.

Without valid crash-risk data, planners rely upon anecdotal evidence and create a conventional road safety plan. We empower them to conduct objective analysis and create focused and effective plans. 

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Traffic study on an AI Powerhouse

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No Human Error

Gone are the days of subjective or anecdote-based understanding. Fast forward to advanced video analytics.

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Saves time

Machine learning based data collection and ready-made analysis saves project time over months

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Better site understanding

Your analysis can be ramped up to as many mid-blocks and intersections and highways

How It Works


Data that you've always wished for

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Crash data can be scanty.
So we provide reliable conflict and near-miss analysis on videos. You see all the attributes for conflict, like road-users, speeds, timing, etc., and proactively mitigate crashes.


Don't assume how any road-design influences behaviour; see it!
We create heat-maps for different activities like stopping, pedestrian-crossing, refuge, trajectories for all modes including NMT. We help you understand your design in great detail.


With traffic management being an integral part of road safety, we provide several traffic-flow parameters like vehicle count and classification, NMT counts, vehicle speeds, intersection efficiency, clearance time, spot speed, and

many more.

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Let's take the industry forward

Manual analysis is an insane task.

Insufficient data is the biggest risk in safety plans

Site visits shouldn't be about counting but spending quality time building empathy with the road-users.

Transport consultants are loving it

If you are creating traffic safety plans, you need it. Give it a shot!

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